STOP MOTION ANIMATION drew me in like a delicious cheese-flavoured snack—one taste and I was hooked. It’s so immediate: take a few photos, play them back, and they come to life. Pure magic!

In November 2018, several of the prized koi in Vancouver’s Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Classical Chinese Garden were pilfered by a rapacious river otter. After the eleventh casualty, the remaining koi were moved to the Vancouver Aquarium until the otter was ousted. In May of 2019, the koi were returned to the pond, and I couldn’t resist adding my own account to the Otter vs. Koi tale.

Part II: The Kois are Back in Town

Tip: Never leave a pie to cool on a windowsill—it’s not just hobos you have to worry about.

I call this jazzy little number “Dog Park Bebop.”

Stealthy whip break.

The song WILL be in your head all day. Sorry about that.

I’ve never felt like this before.

It’s that magical time of year again: Poultry Spice Latte season!

My very first attempt at stop motion animation—not surprisingly, it's a little rough, but it gave me a glimpse of the magic that awaited!