Yes, my name is bambi. Really.

I like to say it's because I was a 9.5lb baby, delivered breech, by a fairly small woman. Naming me Bambi was the best way to make me pay, forever. Ah well, at least no one forgets my name once they hear it—and I never get someone else's drink at Starbucks.

Being named after a woodland creature actually makes good sense, as they tend to be my illustration subjects as well. Coyotes, raccoons, skunks and rats dance around in my head all day long, and many of them make it onto the page. I know there are "nicer" creatures out there, but I prefer the cheeky, stinky, sometimes disease-ridden ones. 

My days are spent drawing, designing, and witnessing the antics of a large Bernese Mountain Dog named Beatrix and a small tuxedo cat named Midge in Vancouver, BC.  

Need an illustration of some rotten raccoons for your next project? I'm your girl. Looking for Berner swag? Check out my website at for prints, pins and more.